Project Logistics

Worried about how to haul your special/heavy/oversized equipment to fast track your current or future project(s) internationally/locally and across all sectors of the economy? Trust IAL.

Some items won’t just fit into the desired packages because they are too heavy, require special handling or too big to fit the usual. IAL will cater for all your project undertakings, Let us worry about the hassle of getting your items to you because it is what we enjoy doing. We have professionally handled the customs clearance and transportation of items such as Lithium batteries & accessories, Delta Rectifier power systems, Solar PV shelves & charger module, Tower CIP and GPS tracking system. Amongst others are commercial and Industrial Plant Machinery, Agricultural equipment, Medical equipment and accessories, oil and gas supplies, Temporary Importation and Re-exportation of drilling rigs.

We have satisfied myriads of client around the globe through our unbeatable service; let us help you ace your next project.